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Coastal Rockers

Coastal Rockers

Coastal Rockers


Coastal Rockers

a sub-section of the Whangamata Club (Inc)


up-dated 27/4/2017


When we Rock n Roll

Start Time

Tuesday nights are our weekly dance nights at the Club

7pm - 10pm



Grace Patterson 022 176 8020  email: coastalrockerspresident@gmail.com

Vice President

Peter Dowling 


Mike Street    Ph:021 971 539


Grace/Mike    email: coastalrockerssecretary@gmail.com


Colin Thompson, Rochelle Yerkovich, Pete Preston, Sue Kingsford


Wizards Wardrobe

Costume Hire

Wizards Wardrobe


We welcome visitors

Coastal Rockers

Was originally formed in 1994 , and in 2001 the celebration of that years Birthday Hop included a few hot rods and live bands in the street, which eventually evolved into the phenomenally successful Beach Hop, now the second largest nostalgia festival of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.


Coastal Rockers

is an adjunct group and is part of Whangamata Club Inc., which is located in Port Rd where it holds its regular club nights on a Tuesday between 7.30pm & 10.00pm from mid-February until end of November each year.


At the beginning of each new season a series of Beginners Lessons are held to encourage new members to learn basic Rock n Roll steps and give them confidence to join in, participate and enjoy this popular form of dancing. Dates for the beginners lessons are advertised in the local Coastal News.


During the year, intermediate lessons are held if the demand is there, as well as impromptu lessons for other fun sequences and formation steps.


The club has close contact with other Rock n Roll clubs in the area and members have the opportunity to travel to their special events such as their Birthday Hops, Fun Championships and Challenges.


Combined Fun Championships are usually held in August of each year and are hosted by Coastal Rockers, L&P Rockers or Valley Rockers.


Coastal Rockers MEMBERSHIP:

Membership fees to the  Adjunct are only $10.00 per year. Adjunct members are also required to be paid up members of the parent Whangamata Club Inc.


On a Tuesday club night, members pay $2.00 each non-member and visitors pay $4.00.


We welcome members from other Rock n Roll clubs who are visiting Whangamata to join us on our club nights.


Club night and bi-monthly weekend meat raffles provide invaluable additional funding to compliment fees. As a result Coastal Rockers is in a position to subsidise club clothing, bus trips to neighbouring club hops and social events.


Coastal Rockers is run by a committee of eight and the AGM is held in June of each year.


Coastal Rockers